Review - Information Review is not a very old dating site but they have more than 2 million members. Their good implemented matchmaking system has a big role on this...Check below for more details :

Rating 4.3/5
Ease of Use Good
Chat Yes
Voice-Video Ads Yes
Auto Matching Yes
IM System Yes
Pros - Known online dating site
- Growing extremely fast
- Fast sign up process
- Personal information for matchmaking service can skip and complete later
- Quality matchmaking system
- Create Personal ad
- Advance search function
- High secure and safety dating site
- Certified by Integrated Knowledge Systems
- For US and Canada profiles, there is a criminal background screening
- Most members are from US and Canada
- Too many dating tools
- Professional design
- Check who looked at your profile
- Useful dating articles at True Magazine
- Send/receive winks to other profiles
- 7 day trial (can communicate with other profiles)
- Easy to use
Cons - Some times ignoring popup
- Little expensive
- Paid members ranks higher at search results
Pricing  1 mounth - $49.99
 3 months - $79.99
 6 months - $129.99

Available 7 day trial (you can contact with other profiles)
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